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MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces. Full range of parameters of the machine in a suitable format

Read data from digital tyre CAN (SAE J1939) and J1708 (SAE J1587 standard) car

The selection and grouping of parameters of work in communications, "comfortable" for the reception and processing of telematic terminals

Sending messages in the CAN, RS-232 and RS-485

Obtain information from several fuel level sensor DUT-E CAN generate messages with the total volume of fuel


MasterCAN схема работы


Model MasterCAN

Обозначение модели MasterCAN CC MasterCAN C 232/485 MasterCAN V-GATE
Внешний вид Интерфейс данных автомобиля MasterCAN CC   Интерфейс данных автомобиля MasterCAN C 232/485  Интерфейс данных автомобиля MasterCAN V-GATE

Входной интерфейс


CAN (SAE J1939/71) CAN (SAE J1939/71) CAN (SAE J1939/71)
J1708 (SAE J1587)

Выходной интерфейс


CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939/71)

RS-232 и RS-485


CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939/71)
и RS-232


Features of MasterCAN

  • simple integration with systems of transport telematics

  • reducing the number of Terminal settings to filter out unwanted data

  • easy to install using the proximity readers CANCrocodile бесконтактный считыватель и 1708Crocodile бесконтактный считыватель, provided with your device
  • powered by the car-you do not need to use additional power supplies

Technical characteristics

 Параметр  Значение
 Напряжение питания, В  10...50
 Ток потребления, мА  ?100
 Диапазон рабочих температур, °С  -40...+85
 Степень защиты корпуса  IP40
 Габаритные размеры, мм  94,5х58,5х24,5
 Масса, кг  0,15

The output messages

parameters for the operation of the machines, which are of greatest value for telematic systems. MasterCAN with the output interface CAN transmit messages to FMS without change and shape the message Telematics. Telematics include the following options:

  • fuel level
  • the amount of fuel consumed
  • time and track fuel consumption
  • temperature and engine speed
  • pressure and engine oil level
  • When the engine is
  • actual time
  • coolant level
  • the temperature outside

MasterCAN with RS-232 interface RS-485 and transmit parameters for the Terminal (Modbus Protocol) or in automatic mode in text form (ASCII protocol).