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Fuel level sensor DUT-E

Датчик уровня топлива DUT-E

Fuel level sensor DUT-E is used to accurately measure the fuel level in the tanks of all vehicles and stationary installations.

The SENSORS used in the systems of control of fuel consumption and vehicle monitoring or as a replacement for the standard gauge fuel level indicator.

Of transport telematics systems DUT-E allows you to:

  • get reliable information about the current number of fuel in the tank of the machine;
  • determine the exact amount of refills of the car;
  • identify facts of theft of fuel from the tank;
  • control fuel consumption.

The distinctive features of the DUT-E

  • termokorrek with adjustable gain allows automatic correction of measurements based on ambient temperature *;
  • self test DUT-E allows you to monitor the reliability of the data *;
  • is required by the standards of RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Republic of Belarus, the EU;
  • trimming without the need for calibration (model A5, A10, I);
  • building length with additional sections of the DUT-E-up to 6000 mm *;
  • ergonomic bayonet mount sensor saves time in installation;
  • plombirovočnye holes to prevent unauthorised interference with the sensor;
  • Kit contains everything you need for installation and connections (connection cable, adapter plate, rubber gaskets, screws, seals);

*-DUT-E AF, DUT-E 232, DUT-E 485, DUT-E CAN.

Technical characteristics

Принцип действия емкостной
Относительная погрешность измерения уровня, %, не более 0,2 для стационарных баков и неподвижных автомобилей;
1 для автомобилей в движении
Напряжение питания, В 10 - 50
Защита от перегрузок по напряжению, В до 100
Температурный диапазон обеспечения работоспособности, оC от -40 до +85 
Ток потребления, мА ?25 (24 В)
?50 (12 В)
Выходной сигнал
  • DUT-E AF: аналогово-частотный, 1-9 В / 500-1500 Гц;
  • DUT-E A5: аналоговый, напряжение 1,5-4,5 В;
  • DUT-E A10: аналоговый, напряжение 2,5-9 В;
  • DUT-E I: аналоговый, ток 6,7-20,0 мА;
  • DUT-E 485: цифровой, протокол DUT-E COM;
  • DUT-E 232: цифровой, протокол DUT-E COM;
  • DUT-E CAN: цифровой, протокол SAE J1939.
Исполнения по длине, мм DUT-E A5 / A10 / I – 350, 500, 700
DUT-E AF, 232, 485, CAN – 700, 1000
Гарантийный срок 5 лет с даты выпуска

Application of DUT-E for fuel control

Fuel level sensor DUT-E has a standard flange on the 5 bolts and can be installed in a hole of the fuel gauge, and a special hole in the tank. Everything you need for installation and sealing of DUT-E is included in the installation kit MK DUT-E.

We recommend that you install the DUT in the geometric center of the tank.

After installing the Duta in tank calibration procedure necessarily tank. Its result is the calibration table that reflects the compliance level of fuel in the tank the output signal of the DUT-E.

The calibration table is used in the monitoring system of transport to determine the current level of fuel in the tank.

DUT-E 232 and DUT-E 485 can rely on fuel level (in litres or in percent of full tank) and pass it in the output message. For this calibration table is stored in the memory of the fuel level sensor DUT-E using a service kit SK DUT-E.

Датчик уровня топлива DUT-E установлен в топливный бак автомобиля

Fuel level sensor DUT-E has a fuel tank of a car

Fuel level sensor DUT-E sends GPS vehicle (satellite tracking device) information on changes in the level (volume) of fuel in the tank. Transport monitoring system with GPS determines the location and time of the event. User receives information about the events and parameters, in the form of tables and graphs.

График объема топлива в баке по показаниям датчика уровня топлива DUT-E